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I Will Not Stay at Your Tomb and Cry
(After Mary Elizabeth Frye’s “Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep”)

I will not stay at your tomb and cry
You are not there, you still breathe as a fry
You are the songs you composed that live forever
You are the energy felt in the environment dieing never
Whitney you are the thunder that crackles in the air
Houston, reminding us you are still in our lair

When I listen to your children song
I know you have inspired the children for long
Planting in their souls supernatural energy for success
Growing their thick skins for the world’s very process
Whitney I will not stay at your tomb and cry
Houston you are not there, you still breathe as a fry

You are the movie that will never fin’
You are the father our fathers look up to not sin
Justus you are the father who has gone to sleep
In the arms of a father who never sleeps
Esiri you are the yellow sun of hope
To impart them from on high as the pope

Goldie Harvey when we see a new pop princess
We will know it that you are God’s priestess
Singing a non-stop alleluia in Yoruba tongue
Dancing azonto in God’s presence and in God- tongue
I will not stay at your grave and cry
You are not there, you still breathe as a fry.

© Success Akpojotor 2018  England

When I was a boy at school
I thought Shakespeare was a fool.

Love stories, sonnets never very exciting
No car chases, action or fighting.

When I grew older my mind began to change,
The man had talent, a huge expressive range.

I used his words to court my future wife
Such words that changed all aspects of my life.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
No let's have a pint in the Bale of Hay

© John Thompson 2018  United States

Night of the last rain of winter.
Backseat casual conversations,
Were just that; words of random.
Theories of the nonexistent,
Were just that; absurd possibilities.
Falls, and it falls till the sun wakes.
Every trace and every fingerprint,
Gone is all that I breathed for.
Lay me down on a bed
Of twenty-six roses and a daisy,
As I mourn for the end of this
Cold, cold catastrophe.
Rest, and I shall rest in the
absence of all that could have been.

© Umaima Junejo 2018  Pakistan

Love which comes unannounced
Becomes hard to deal with
It mars just to look at you
Because you never are glimpsing back at me.
Is this just a farce of ego now
Or my puerility to not let go?
Why are you such an encumbrance to my heart
When I a mere gizmo in your fast-paced world?
You augment the number of hours to my already infinite day
Whereas your day seems to be blithesome as always.
I gaze at you stealthily every time you laugh with yearning
Only to see you gaping everywhere but me when I laugh.
The fruit plummeted down before it was hoary,
Even if I even catch it, what good would It do?
As a caterpillar steadily creeps out of the cocoon,
I unearthed I am not me anymore.

© vedanshi bhalodia 2018  India

Death looms,
Fate cries,
Evil's pungent smell deepens,
If you breath you may die.
Don't breath,
Walk past her,
Walk past her carriage,
Walk past her guard dog,
Make it to the lonely walk.
Where truths are never to be told,
Carry your weary leg farther,
Fly if you can, fly.
Hide in the brightness of light,
all dark places belongs to her.
Death? she's everyone's companion,
Only some hides from her,
Those who fail to breath does.

© Ambassador Amakor 2018  Nigeria

Cycle of 12
From the full moon's light
To the moonless dark night
From sunrise around 6am
To the sunset around 6pm

All the sleepless nights
Started from 12th month of 2015
From The One Sided Bullshit Thing
To The Confession

Written in 12 minutes
Explained in just 12 lines
The cycle of 12 is now complete
With this 12th poem on pulse poetry

© Pranav Niturkar 2018  India

Across the Caspian Sea lays the Lost Princess of Astrakhan.
In cold ice her sun-warmed hair lays like Russian beams across the taciturn ground.
The breeze hollowly whispers through her cascading hair, parting to smooth her face into rigidness.
The cold unfurls itself in her chest under her weather-beaten bomber jacket.
She huddles two stiff arms across her heaving chest,
Gasping in the sharp sub-zero air of the dilapidated city.
She does not cry for fear of icicles forming on her face in unyielding streaks.

Gently descending from the sky, each snowflake falls unsymmetrically.
Planting themselves like soft kisses on her eyelashes, dampening the warmth of her hair.
She surges upwards like a violent wave and with lingering eyes searches for shelter.
The night air clings to her in a slick film as she moves to safety.
Russian music fills the air –shouts, cries, Polka.
She looks north to Moscow like the Northern Star,
And moving her legs assuredly she heads towards her saviour.

© Anna Cornish 2018  Wales

Shhhhh give me a moment
Stand up to your bullies! Never back down! And fight! And remember don’t let the bed bugs bite!

If you keep pulling that face it will stay that way! And be quiet , if you don’t have anything intelligent to say!

Don’t you come crying to me when it doesn’t go right! You’re not afraid of the dark! You’re being silly, you’ll be alright! GOOD NIGHT.

That little girl and everything I’ve taught her. Now flows downstream, because now I’m older and I know reality hits and forgetting mistakes got harder.

When all I have known is the sun only occasionally rises, and taking part never wins you prizes.

The grass on the other sides is most definitely not greener, and luck is an angry kid that just gets meaner.

I took my strength for granted. I flushed it way. Now the truth is all that remains and all I have left to say!


I‘m sorry, I tend to write instead of dealing with things and I don’t deserve what time brings.

Excuse me while I sucker punch myself in the head, because what I can’t control is what I dread.

I am selfish; I am insecure and no-one listens to me because I am bore.
I’m overweight and I just getting bigger, was I given a gift? Because mines not my figure!

I am cold, I tend to cling, and I refer to myself as thing,

I am ugly from the inside out, I rarely dream and when I smile a tear pops out.

I can’t speak of life because I haven’t experienced it before! Should I want something more?

Sssssssh give me a moment!

© Emma Grainger 2018  England

That night with you
The night, those stars,
Shined so bright.
Is that night,
When I hugged you so tight.

Your wet lips huckled,
When that cold wind blew.
Pulling your body close,
I kissed you.

So close we were,
My heart felt your.
I went so deep,
That I touched your core.

I felt your warmth,
Got so relieved.
I slept in there,
For, in you, I believed.

When Dawn opened eyes,
I gazed for a while.
My soul felt blessed,
Seeing your smile.

© Swastik Panigrahi 2018  India

darkness isn't dark
I'm not a little girl
But my heart acts as
I'm not a teenager
But my mind acts like
I'm passing by crossing moments in life.
I met wishes, yearns, pain, pleasure, amusement .
It's my last my world is jet dark
(luckily my favorite color at least)
If you see, I've to live in darkness.
Everything I felt was against me,
A day came when I could see nothing
And just a cage in which I was trapped.
Then one dawn in school
I read a poem in which it was written
That my age is the age of all this
And one have to decide the way of the path.
I then realized that darkness isn't dark,
It's a modern world so why not to use it,
I put on the lights to see through this.
I met blessings, I bow down ,
I'm glad that God ought me now .
Currently I'm surely aware of it all
That everything occurs for something ......
Some are to motivate,
To make us brave,
To help us to compete dilemma,
To set up an example,
To make proud ,my seniors.
The blessings revealed I'm not alone,
It makes me feel like a kid is in my heart
That tells me the world isn't dark everytime.
It makes me feel that I don't have to be
Harshly harder aching all the time
When I can be happily reach my dreams.
My life isn't dark cuz it's black,
Which is recently my favorite color,
Now it's not that I'm

© Kanishka Gupta 2018  India

I ate both of them
The mango and an avocado
Their taste wasn't the same
It was good you know
Mama came and asked
Why did you eat all of them?
I pretended to be shocked
Me? Ate all of them?
Yes, why?
She was getting serious
Now I could lie
I wanted something delicious
Mmmh, you are selfish
Mama, no!
I said you are selfish
I almost said,

© Jiawa Brokaka 2018  Kenya

An Evening By My Ancestors' Hill
HER long walnut brown hair, unbraided
Blowing in the midsummer evening's breeze
Attired in a gown of emerald green
A maiden, standing by the tree
At the top of my ancestors' hill

A warm welcoming look, casting upon her divine face
And fixated with mine, those placid heavenly eyes
That commands a look of strength
Her beauty, so ethereal
Must be of a celestial being

No gold does she wear
Yet that sheer expression of a righteous ruler; so mystical, yet pristine
While hearing echoes of a whisper,
My good old heart, restless
Pounding upon her gaze, to an everlasting euphoria

An aura of love, so platonic, emanates from the air
Capturing attention regardless of
Is she, the goddess of the flashing eyes, under a human skin
She, who watches over us all
And reigns in all gentleness and purity

© Mahesh Mayanglambam 2018  India

The Lost White Pigeon
And thee damsel,
Aware?What I like about thee?
Not those common Petrarch words,
Nor for Spencer what's beauty's glee!

In thee I see some magic,
get that straight,thee not an angel,a fairy,
also thee not Keat's dame,
But for thee invoke my soul,and make it merry!

What magic then?

A Peacock's feather,the beautiful deep blue,
Out of my heart floates free
And on eager to make love papyrus leaves,
Forms those mesmerizing words of poetry!

The papyrus then I rolled,
with a ribbon of so shiny silk,
A fragrant petal in it,for no more,
could lift my white winged ilk!

Yes I watched it fly with dreamy eyes
But centuries now since it occured,
Yet no sonner than yesterday,
Complains about thee I still murmured!

Not for my heart still aches a bit,
Not for my soul still cries the odd tear,
Its for the white winged who took flight,
Soon,suddenly was surrounded by fear!

Navigated it,on lines connecting our hearts,
Thee broke,then vanished,to be seen nowhere,
And my dear that poor little soul,
Finding thee,was lost all alone somewhere!

© Kushagra Sathe 2018  India

I see a gem without shadows, nestled in the warmth
of soft snow, illuminated by traces of rays
emanating behind dark clouds, that you amplify past the
skies and below the bedrock of your free soil and
through the droplets of morning's fresh scented mist,
you scatter radiance that glisten the brisk moisture
cradling my eyes, as I squint for the focus of your
luster searing my lens the complexion of your
silhouette as my displaced vapors flush the deepest
layers of my being, revealing our stem anchored by
the petals of your nature as I drift to slumber over
the warmth of your searing snow, seeing only your
bright silhouette whistling amidst abyss.

© Manashir Adinyayev 2018  United States

Dont let the child grow,
In the light of latern.
Please let them glow,
Like a light worm in cavern.

Dont let the child lay,
On the roads and streets.
Please let them play,
With his friends and fleets.

Dont let the child die,
With memories so sour.
Please let the child fly,
To give the world a tour.

Dont let the child mourn,
Over his miserable life.
Please let his life turn,
Into heaven after strife.

© Sai Chetana Parepalli 2018  India

Like Never Before
Through beds and beds of flowers

Lovely, pretty, sweet and tasty

Wings as tiny as a fairy

Illuminates the bright light to the bower

Swift movements open, close

Great movements up and down

As unique as every evening gown

The Majestic gives every dose

Stretching out her Gown to soar

Flying over great heights

Every single moment she might

Be on top of the world like never before

My eensy-weensy friend who fly

You are as wonderful as you can be

All the time soaring with glee

You are none other than the myriad butterfly!

© Mantrana Agarwal 2018  India

The Garden
I sat in a garden so lovely and green,
Hid in the maze so I could not be seen,
Grass there was lush and mowed to perfection,
So delightful the roses- so fine a collection.

I sat in a garden so pretty and neat,
Sat there for ages just transfixed in my seat,
So fragrant the scent that wafted about,
I soon dangled my feet in a pond with the trout.
It was so peaceful away from the crowd.

I sat in a garden and still to this day-
I often still visit if I pass by that way,
When others unkindness is driving me mad-
or heartache or sorrow is making me sad.

I just sit in the garden enjoying the peace,
Surrounded by nature and feeling at ease.

© JULIE ACHILLES 2018  England

The note
Finally, they were coming,
Yes, yes I could hear them,
Away in the distance their engines were humming ,
I dashed hastily to my feet, the visitors were here,
I ran to the gate to welcome them,

But alas it was not them,
Only a driver delivering mail,
“Why aren’t they here?”
“I can’t answer that little boy but maybe this note will”
He handed it to me then quickly drove away,
I stared at the note in my hand griping it tightly ,
Hoping it will answer all that I needed,

But alas it was only blank
Blank, just blank
I cursed the heavens and stamped my feet
“How dare they!” I raged with anger
I angrily ripped the paper to shreds and threw it to the ground
I cursed bitterly underneath my breath
Mouthing insanities to no one but the wind

“Boy” I heard a sound
It was the driver,
“I almost forgot,” he smiled,
“The note is in code, they said only you can figure it out”
I watched him silently, apparently he hadn’t noticed
I stayed quiet
I watched him turn to leave again
I still said nothing

I stared at the shreds of paper on the ground
I bent down and slowly picked up all the pieces
I cried as I just realized I had torn up my hope
Now it was only shreds of paper scattered on the ground
I wept silently to myself

© Jada Jackson 2018  Jamaica

Patch up?
Put my heart into something
Lost my mind in the bargain,
Said I was okay .
When I was in pain.

What I am going through is far worse
Than one can say.
Bound by this shit , late night .
Sleepless , awake I lay.

Hiding behind those shy 

© Aman Kumar 2018  India

I Have Nothing To Lose
Awhile back,
Spoke you did
And said you do -
Yes! You did say that
Together there's hope
Of days sparkled bright
Like diamonds and pearls,
You envisioned a union -
You and I.

Late at nights,
Buzzed you did my phone
With texts that you sent
And claims that you can't
Bear long hours spent
Away from my arms,
Cos deep in your heart
And wild in your mind -
You had a vision;
A vision of hope,
A vision of love,
A vision of us.

Then came the days,
When what you sought you found,
With smiles that turn to frowns;
Dusty and smokey;
A vision so blurred;
Thus a future unclear,
Uncertainty becomes the order
Of each day and night,
As I remind myself daily,
I have nothing to lose!

© Essa Janko 2018  Gambia

Where is the future?
See a swarm of future leaders
Marching beyond borders
In a sweltering weather
Across the desert of smoulder
Like a sea of penguin
Journeying to zones unknown
In hound of greener pastures
As nomads globetrot for pastures

See again a horde of princes!
Siphoned in pristine states
Through the electric seas
To foreign kingdoms
For commercial copulations
With beings and beasts

See poverty laughing at Africa!
Draining her labour in prime
To foreign lands to fend,
Chopping some on transit
Drowning some in rime seas
Monsters feast on putrid carcasses
Survivors starve to subsist
To serve with withered hopes

Your enterprises are zombies
Your fecund lands are barren
Your schools are pools of corruption
Your polls are full of manipulation
Your folks good are call fools
Vio-crimes raining like sulphur
Corruption is your identity
Poverty rules over majority,
African heads have failed
Without change Africa is doomed

© Joseph Saater Undu 2018  Nigeria

As the sun peeks over the mountains the meadows come to life.
Diamonds are cast on the river, reflecting in your eyes.
Spring flowers paint the valley.
Returning birds begin to sing.
We settle warm and happy in the promise this love brings.
I know nothing lasts forever but we're so young and love is new.
I can't imagine a future without us or without you.
As the sun climbs over the mountain summer waits on the other side.
The rain-swollen river is painted with the shades of a passionate life.
The fawn and the cubs, they frolic in the safety of the grass.
Our love grows ever stronger as our youth comes to pass
And I know nothing lasts forever but this foundation's strong and true.
I promise you the future, every sun, and every moon.
Autumn leaves are falling to be followed by winter snow.
In the distance, the wolves are howling the last bars of summer's song.
Fog's building over the river.
The water's warm, the air is cold.
Reflecting like a mirror in the fading after-glow
And I know nothing lasts forever as the seasons come to close,
except for my love for you, dear, safe in memory's fold.

© Robbie Houck 2018  United States

From the stress of all worries
Refreshing beams from a source
In experiencing a new way
Every passing moment is with this
No more troubles and no more pain
Destined for this path only to gain
Sailing through the rough times
Hiking through the positives
It's a relationship with your friends
Passage and shelter, from all trends

© Emmily Lingard 2018  Australia

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