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Harbored on the idea
Entrenched on a journey through media
Life enchants on a rare disposition
Raging from some timid proposition

Whose side do you prefer
A modest non-believer
Your pa chant for better lies
Within the walls crumbling for demise

Disturbing or poignant

Insurgents living as destitute
This is the dividing magnitude

Black and white merge
Grey comes up the surge

Oblivious of life on the verge
Names sail above the ledge

Drowning on the vast sea
Beyond is what we call thee

© Siddhart Bakshi 2018  India

Waking Up
She looks up at the ceiling, and, is oblivious to him,
it has been too many years since she felt, anything,
Too long.

She listens in the darkness to his breathing,
but she will not look upon him as he sleeps.

she wakes and slips silently from their bed,
seeking solitude from her pain, and, in the morning,
she fills a kettle to make him tea and send him on his way,
yet, he will return.

Sometimes she thinks her life is an endless nightmare,
She wants to wake and be free,
The turning of a key.

Often she feels no pain, only humiliation,
Bruised and battered she cooks, her own hunger gone,
And a voice inside says, 'Leave him'.

When alone she prays for an end, any end,
She can stay no longer,
It is time.

A bus leaving town, she is afraid, will he follow?
Landscapes unfamiliar make her smile, safety?

Today the sun is hot and she is free,
Life is new but memories linger, bruises heal,
A man passes, smiles,
She cannot yet return it.

© JULIE ACHILLES 2018  England

Why listen?
Society causes me to have anxiety
It wants to taunt us with all these
Models perfection doesn't exist
Your imperfections and complexion
Is what makes you beautiful don't
Listen to society trust me they
Cause anxiety they are provoking
You to be something you’re not so
Why listen? When you can be
Beautiful and youthful just the
Way you are spread the word and
Think ahead now that i think about
It i lied perfection does exist and
It’s you now take pride in who
You are and stop trying to arrange
A change in you we were put on
This world to conquer now do it being beautiful old you.

© Udoka Okoye 2018  United States

Out with strangers,
carrying fear within,
had stepped into the unknown.
Tried to find freedom.
Nobody could show the way .

Seeked the ones
I had once held close to my heart.
There, I found chaos.
Shocked, equally staggered,
momentarily, I closed my eyes.
And sprinted towards the light.
The source, unclear,

Feeling ponderous and panting,
I reached,
The end of a lonely road,
not many had walked.
Serenity took over, eyes drowning in joy.
How liberated it feels to be pacific and free,
when the source is thy self,
of peace and power’s kiss.

© Bharvi Jadhav 2018  India

To Be God Is Not Easy
Millions prayers
Millions wishes
Countless lives are
Responsibilities of Mine.

Justifying all these
I have to reach
No pretend , no busy
So to be God is not easy.

Love , success , wealth
Millions are your need.
All earthly things desired you
Not a single want Me as need.

When time to thumbs up
All credits are yours
When time to thumbs down
Blames are Mine not yours.

Both Arjun and Duryodhan
For need came at my threshold
Can you believe? One of two
Had tried to chain Me to hold.

Except all I have to
Bless without any nod
So it is not easy
To Be God.

© Arjun Jangid 2018  India

(After Sia Furler)

War waged within walls of atomic number 14
After I conked in the torrent that fed me for eons
But broke before I transcended to a life after birth.


Kelpie was my twin before he bit the dust
And longed for the frigid fires of the infernal region
When he gestated I was the other face of Janus -
And that I had found and bussed my first love, Gemini.

Flash forward:

Dada enrolled me in Lucifer's college
Where my garb was the transfiguration
And always I tallied earthoid fluorescent pills
As I trained to be an angel of light.


Like Eve's firstborn perambulating the planetoid
Searching for his humanity effaced off of him, life was
Taken from me and replaced with the body of God
As I learnt the arcanum of creation in a nanosecond.


Cherubs and dybbuks ousted Old Nick
And gifted me his diadem as they whispered:
Breathe. Conquer. Dance. Respire. You. Are. Alive.


Young Nick, they called me
As they hoped for life in my reign
As I rewrote history with dust and ashes -
But now dybbuks and cherubs are at war.


Up in the middle heaven the chiaroscuro of Darwin
Glowers down at me from her pink throne and sprays
Down a mizzle that tells me I'm the answer to her rhetoric.
But how did I survive?

The present:

I recollect the loud whispers:
You. Are. Alive.
Breathe. Conquer. Dance. Respire.
I know: l'm alive.

© Success Akpojotor 2018  England

Me too You
Somehow together we will see this through, we feel pain but we know its true, the truth is beautiful and so are you, all we have is hope in a life that's full of storms and rainbows we can't have one without the other so your not alone, to me your heart will always be home, its OK to cry a tear I know you smile too, where theirs love there is always you, so what will be will be the river flows unto the level that it seeks, now you see like the oceans my emotions are deep

© D Bancroft 2018  England

Love you enough
I love you enough to let you go

To me you're the Butterfly
Your beauty is visible when you fly.
I have to to release you,
don't cry.
You're just a woman,
and I'm just man,
to catch another I'll try.

I can't keep you if you're no longer happy.
I can't keep controlling,
telling you how to live your life,
That's a crime.

If being away from me,
Brings you joy,
Then I can't keep you as a toy.
Go well, fly away my Butterfly.

I love you enough to let you go free.
Seeing you happy, Will set me free
like a bird on the tree.
I love you enough to set you free.

© Laurance Phiello Sebiloane 2018  South Africa

Enemies on either side of the battlefield;
Where ‘fighting for peace’ is the motto everyone speaks.
Boundaries have brought in hatred;
Where ‘eliminating the other’ is the solution all think.
Weapons destroy the families not the individuals;
Where ‘eager eyes’ wait for thedear ones indeed.

Divine lover did not create humanity in categories;
Where ‘love one another’ was the commandment preached.
Created are the boundaries for man’s own needs;
Where ‘human-ness’ is lost somewhere in the reeds.
Massacred are the warriors for their land;
Where ‘dead bodies’ from both sides lie hand-in-hand.

Dropping down the weapon of devastation;
Where ‘being victorious’, is the farce of the mind.
Picking up the weapon that will pierce the heart;
Where ‘human relations’ will abide till eternity.
Overstepping boundaries of hatred and sowing limitless love;
Where the ‘banner of love’ will triumph forever above.

Building bridges is the need of the hour;
Where the ‘abyss of intolerance’ will be filled with love so pure
Holding hands to walk down unitedly the path of harmonious love;
Where the ‘entire universe' will become a better dwelling hub.
Injectingthe heart and the mind with a dose of love divine;
Where the ‘greatest weapon’ is none other than the path sublime.

© Slater Alemao 2018  India

Man With No Dreams
Man with no dreams
Had no count
Of days or penny
To burden his soul or body

Immersed in the present
He lived by the second
To get to his last one
Never looking back or ahead

Bountiful may be not
But for him it was excess
For when he lay on the deathbed
His kith and kin kept fighting

Life was a success to many
But he never judged
He just closed his eyes
To explore the world beyond

© Raviraj Nayak 2018  India

There always comes a time in your life
You feel alone and lost in thought.
Other people don't understand.
They don't realise your struggle or see your pain.

You fake a smile but hide away.
You feel broken, unable to be fixed.
Notebooks and journals are your release
music and thoughts help you through.

Where did your friends go?
Why did they leave?
We all need someone to save us from ourselves.
A hug from the ones that we love the most.
A moment that will stop us feeling so lonely.

© Sharrie Fordham 2018  England

Forgotten past
Buried are the past,
Forgone and lost.
Though some last,
But with a cause.
Wrecking the hearts,
At the most.

© Neresha Wakrambam 2018  India

On your born day
What a special day
And this is what to you I say
People say time is money
But I say you're honey
Once u came into my journey
Everything adds to our favor
In my life you added flavour
And now it's finer forever
Still I can't tell why
It's true I can't lie
I stick to you; no bye
For my love for you multiplies
And you are what my heart supplies
My love for lives; it never dies
Since I met you
Loving you is all I wanna do
It's just you, don't ask who
I don't know what to say
About how long you'll stay
Hoping forever is your way
Hear me my love
You're my only dove
Among women, I place you above
My whiskers for you will always be alert
For you touch my heart
Greatness of my life is you forming part
Today I may not do much
Hope this attention gives you my touch
Greatness will come as such
You're a blessing
Let this love be unending
You're whom I'll be defending

© Jiawa Brokaka 2018  Kenya

31/12/very soon
a late night in december, poetic trance in an isolated cafe
the warmth of freezing winter, cryptic flavour of this peculiar latte

sublime art on the abstract wall, a dream floating in my eyes
the beats of my heart echo, while the rain eventually subsides

overwhelming ambience of nostalgia, a face somewhere in time to sieze
intensifying aroma awakening my senses, brought here by a distant breeze

deviance of delusional music, giving birth to this emotional prelude
an unembellished wedding to attend, an entire universe to exclude

fulsome splendour of her flawless love, radiating pattern of eternal grace
an implausible allegory of intimate passion, surpassing the science of time and space

and when yearning deforms into the sparkling of stars, eyes stay glued to the ever enticing moon
nothing comes easy to an everlasting lover, 31/12/very soon, 31/12/very soon…

© Hamid Khan 2018  India

Looking out through the window of our car,
I coincidentally saw this beautiful blond
red haired girl on green gown,
Waving and smiling at me.
The sweet fragrance that emanated from her,
Coupled with her high self-esteem
got my eyes stucked to her.
With only few steps away from her,
I looked behind and saw my newly found love
beaten with a stick for no reason.
Hearing her cry out to me, I stood to help
but had myself held back from moving.
Roughly manhandled, trodden on, smashed and
In an embittered state,
she kept on rising after each fall
to catch a glimpse of me coming to help her.
Her total self cried out to me for water,
Her beautiful red top got mud-stained.
With her soiled hand
outstretched and waiting for my warm grasp,
I couldn't reach her, for every passing second drew us apart from each other.
When at last I saw my beauty die before me,
I sat back down in the car and
irrigated the seat with my tears
I could have quenched her thirst with.
Praying silently, looking towards her direction,
I cried for a rose flower as such.

© Ambassador Amakor 2018  Nigeria

The Hero's Wife.
He plunges into darkness,
camouflaged by his own melancholy.
I sit and wait,
perched on the bed like a raven
waiting nevermore.
Ribbons of anxiety intertwine through my brain surreptitiously.
He's gone again, to where I can't fathom.

How much more of this can I endure?

Slowly, my body aches from the fear of him not coming home.
I stay there,
Waiting for the creak of life,
to ricochet through the old staircase tonight to know I'm not alone.
These silent nights turn into silent mornings,

his distrust pierces me like a knife.

In half-helpless sleep I am disturbed by footfalls masked in carpet.
A gentle impression sinks into the bed,
his muscles softening into the mattress.
Snapshots of the night scatter over his back in jagged purple splatters and scars.
I lift a hand to trace the bruises gently with my fingertips,
my tears, like pearls, adorn my cheekbones,
glistening as the sun begins to rise.

© Anna Cornish 2018  Wales

So little light, and yet
what magic on the mono.
Brocade day from pewter’s palette;
uplit cloud that glistens like a minnow’s flank;
roofs are curled up post-its
on the setting bronze.

Poems write themselves
in morning's amber silhouette
and, thinking big, you sit small,
varnished brown yet all gold
with hope - like tiny fish that glitter
large in monochrome.

© Matt Chamberlain 2018  England

Message Incommunicado
It was hard
To relay,
The message of
Prompt address;
Flowing with the winds
I was caught up
In strikes!
Dreaming to overcome the seas
I jumped
Into a cave;
The breeze next day
Swept me away...
'Hope isn't lost' I say;
I see my destination
Full of men
All happy and gay
Licking their lips
Holding their toasts.
As i perched on the table,
I had no way
To know
The message would
To the menu go.

© Debolina Biswas 2018  India

Rivers of streams
I live on perches swinging my flattering wings, falling in love

with air, bored and chuck.
it tells me the words of olds, ancient and modern.

grey are my hair stalky on free
breach of boundaries
aloft the skies lies the hope of the Marquis in bound.
fetter and bore, shiny and rivelets. for a sweet voice sings in my earlobes, drawing the pangs in me into shred and as I long for the perfect wilt to wear on laves and bored night.. let me take myself to that place where sorrows and lost are lost forever

© ugonna owoh 2018  Nigeria

What to choose, what not to?
The world is not so as it appears
They say Earth and Sky never meet in real,
But Horizon is the place where it does appear
Earth and Sky really meet there!
A helmsman can steer the boat
But the river will play its role,
It will cut apart the land and make its course
It's a river, it's born to flow!
The question that needs an answer is 'will it lead you to the shore?
'Or to the doom?'
You will revolve around the Earth,
Or the Earth revolves around you!
What to choose, what not to?
For they say Earth and Sky never meet in real
But Horizon is the place where it really does appear,
Earth and Sky finally meet there!

© Punit Sinha 2018  India

love again
I dont know what I'm feeling
I can feel that my head is spinning
I dont know what is happening
Oh,how can I love again

I'm full of confusion
Because it all feels like an illusion
Its not exactly my intention
But its becoming my addiction

Its not because of my desperation
But its all because of my affection
How can I get my redemption?

I shed my tears
Trying not to reveal my fears
Hoping maybe you will hear
The pain I bear
As my heart continues to tear
Bare pain oh dear,I live in fear
Fear to love again

© Takunda Sibanda 2018  Zimbabwe

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