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3rd prize - 2011

Meg Green's Freight by Neil Fawcett

Meg Green's bed trembles with the weight
of passing freight.
From her window sweet chestnut trees
rise above the embankment.
Fish-slice leaves, gloss green
preen themselves in summer;
concealing from sight the muffled passage
of trains.

In winter, after the leaves have left
their detritus on her neat cut council lawn,
she can see again.
On the edge of her bed in the dark
she looks through strong branches
fake tanned by orange lights.
She waits for filmstrip trains to
trail negative framed faces,
some seen before;
and gasps a smile at the passing

As the lights of the last passenger train
tunnel into the night;
Meg Green stretches her aching back,
slips off her slippers and draws
in the dark.

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