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2nd prize - 2010

Photograph of Ginna Wilkerson

Ginna Wilkerson is beginning a postgraduate research degree in Creative Writing at University of Aberdeen this fall. Her interests include Gothic literature, literature of the Romantic period, and Contemporary poetry by and for women. Her current research involves the role of gender in the poetic persona. Ginna has a partner Marilyn, two adult children and one grandson.
Thursday, 7:35 PM by Ginna Wilkerson

You, resting on the bed.
There are tired wrinkles
In your yellow suit,
And the day's dust
On your face.
I prop up my feet
Next to your arm
And wait.
The walls of the room
Make a box of
The red-gold evening
Sun light.
Your hand near my foot
Curls in and out.
An evening bird
Lights on the ledge
Outside our window,
Folding his wings,
And we smile.

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